Pini Jaya Industry was founded in 1970, in 1989 changed its status into limited company, the main office is located in Taiwan. In 1990 other branches was established un China mainland, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Respectively, the Indonesia subsidiary even has obtained the International ISO 9001/2000 certificate in 2002 (No. 01.100.018707)

Pini Jaya Industry which was specialized in production researches, is a textile printed dye actives company, has gained rousing welcome and praises for years from Industrial Industries. And in order to get level with the increase of the product business. So, besides raising the of research exploitation of exist particular addictives, it has also absorbed advanced Technology, to produce organic synthesis chemical materials that has been obtained glorious praises around the business world.

We have already known that the right selection of textile dye actives is a decisive factor in quality enhancing of industrial products, actives substance as well as special chemical materials.

According to that, this company has established some coexistence with the business view of some strong customers. Running long – period cooperation with entrepreneurs do researches to raise the entrepreneurs.

We are waiting for your questions, we have expert technicians in their, and ready to give their best serves.